Lake Avenue Memorial Baptist Church

150th Anniversary

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150th Anniversary Kick Off Video

Join us, as we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Lake Avenue Memorial Baptist Church. Join us weekly for our year of celebration as we lift of all that God has done, and continues to do, through LABC!


Prologue 1 - Pre - 1871

LABC was founded in 1871. What was the world like in Rochester at that time? Watch to learn more!


Prologue 2 - Pre - 1871

We continue our journey, learning more about what Rochester was like just before LABC was founded.


Prologue 3 - Pre - 1871

With this we finish up our Prelude to LABC. We hope these three videos have provided an appropriate foundation for what has become LABC.


Houses of Worship - The First 30 Years (1871-1901)

LABC has had a series of physical spaces we've called home. This video highlights the first 30 years of our houses of worship.


Pastoral Leadership - The First 30 Years (1871-1901)

LABC has enjoyed a history of strong pastoral leadership. This video highlights the first of those who have helped guide the congregation through it's 150 yeas.



LABC was founded as a Sabbath School. During the first 30 years of it's life, that little Sabbath School would take on a new shape as a home for Christian Education in many forms. This video covers those first foundational 30 years.



LABC has a long tradition of serving as a "sending church." We have a commitment to missions, both local and global. This tradition began in 1871 and continues to this day. This video highlights the start of our commitment to mission.



From it's founding, music has taken a special place in the life and ministry of LABC. This video covers some of the early discoveries of what music could and would look like at LABC.



Throughout it's history, the women of LABC have had a significant impact within the church, across the county and around the world. Through mission and service, the women of LABC have transformed communities. This video highlights some of this early formation and early impact.



Youth are incredibly important in the life of LABC. Since it's founding, youth ministries have taken various forms, and church picnics have been one way of connecting young people and those young at heart. This video illustrates some of the earliest years of both youth ministries and church picnics.