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Worship is at the center of our life as a congregation!  We gather to sing praise

and thanksgiving to God, to share in prayer for one another and for the world, to

hear the scripture read and the Word of God preached, and to recommit ourselves

and the church to a life of compassion and service, justice building, and

peacemaking.  Our worship life reflects our diversity, with a tradition of strong

preaching and many kinds of music. Our main service is in English but usually

includes translations of one or two elements into one of our other languages -

Karen, Chin, Burmese, Karenni, French or Spanish. Worship leadership is provided

by our pastors, members of the congregation, and our many musicians and choirs.

We also have worship in the Burmese language each Sunday led by a Burmese

speaking Pastor in this community.

Open Communion

Our Guiding Vision states that “Christ welcomes all to the communion table.” In His spirit, we practice open communion, meaning that anyone who is seeking Christ’s spirit is invited to receive communion. Communion generally takes place on the first Sunday of each month and on other special occasions.

Baptism and Membership

New members generally enter into the church by baptism after making a profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  While the church practices believers baptism by immersion, former baptism by other Christian churches is recognized.  When transferring from another church, all that is requested is a letter of recommendation.  New members also can be accepted upon profession of Christian faith or experience.  Anyone who wishes to affiliate with LABC while maintaining their membership in another Christian church may become Associate Members.

To get a good sense of what our worship life is like, it’s wise to visit us several times because it can vary so much from week to week.

Chancel Choir

                                                                 The Chancel Choir is a mixed chorus of about 12 – 15 voices, and provides the full gamut of standard sacred choral literature for the church, from Renaissance to Contemporary, accompanied and a’capella.  In addition to providing an anthem for most Sunday morning services throughout the year, the Chancel Choir presents a special service of lessons and carols for the Christmas season, as well as occasional extended works.

Good News Singers

The Good News Singers, as the name implies, provides praise and worship choral music.  They sing twice monthly, during our 10:00 Sunday morning service. 

Other Language Choirs

Other Language Choirs: In addition to the choirs above, LABC members and friends contribute to congregational worship in their native tongues. 

The Pipe Organ

The pipe organ at LABC was built in 1975 by the Holtkamp Organ Company of Cleveland, Ohio.  Our unusual shaped sanctuary was conceived to include a new pipe organ, and as a result, both the placement and voicing of the organ are a perfect match for the favorable acoustics of the room. For more information about the specifications of our pipe organ, please see: Organ Specifications

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