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Visitors first encounter LABC through the Invitation and Welcome Ministry. The Ministry Team members help to create a spirit of generous hospitality for newcomers, church members and friends of the church. This ministry team coordinates volunteers at the Welcome Center in the narthex, greeters at the doors, and ushers for the sanctuary. In addition, the Team develops publicity strategies as a witness to the wider community about what God is doing with LABC, and to invite others to visit our worship and other church activities.

Our work for LGBT rights is rooted in the simple belief that love and commitment in any form should be celebrated, protected and encouraged. We also believe that diversity of gender identity is something that is natural and enriches us all.

We are thrilled to now live in a state that recognizes equal marriage. If you are planning to get married or have a ceremony so your existing marriage can receive legal standing in New York, we’d love to officiate and celebrate with you. Contact us today to begin your planning.

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